Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Happy Birthday Mattson!!!

I cannot believe my Mattson is 4! Time truly does fly. I love my buddy so much. He is full of life and spirit and everyday with him is an adventure. I've already learned so much from him and not just about dinosaurs, trains, space, snakes, Star Wars, the world, snakes and currently, the Navy. I've learned more about patience, fun and love than I thought possible. So here's to my tender-hearted, spirited Trooper.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Back to Life

So, I've totally been putting off a new post because it just makes me happy to see our Barcelona trip at the top of the page. It seems I was tempting fate.
The week we got back I took Gray into the doctor's for his 15 month shots. He was just supposed to see the nurse, but he'd been super cranky and not sleeping well. Plus, his nose was still all gunky (yes, that is the technical term). Well, the doctor came in and spent an awfully long time looking at him and listening to his lungs. To make a long story short, we left the doctor's with a strong antibiotic, an inhaler (to use 4 times a day) and strict instructions to call if Gray got even a little bit worse. Since then (2 1/2 weeks ago), Gray has struggled; the antibiotics have done a number on his poor little belly and his diaper and he keeps getting random fevers.

So sick, but trying to be happy.
But, I delayed posting because it was just too depressing to replace Barcelona with sick kids. Matts forced my hand.

Today I convinced Reed to take a half day and hang out with us. We ended up at the outlets. (Did I mention, I've caught the decorating bug and am finally decorating our house? But, that's a post for another day). After dragging the boys to countless shops we took them to Petco and Dick's sporting goods to even the score. There as Mattson puts it; "Grayson threw a ball at me and I fell and bonked my eye on the shelf." A quick trip to the ER, some dermabond (purple, our favorite color) and 3(our favorite number) steristrips, and we were on our way to McDonalds and home.

He was "injured bad"
The procedure
Home at last with PURPLE glue and 3 steristrips.

Here's to hoping it holds.

Some quotes from the day included:
"But Mom, my team NEEDS me to play tomorrow"
"So, I'm the guy who was right" (in reference to a McDonald's being close by)"
"Grayson..." (whenever a doctor/nurse/bystander asked what happened)

So, Todd, the bet is OFFICIALLY over and at just shy of 4 years our spirited, active boy made his debut at the ER. For all who missed it there will be an encore performance in ????????