Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This and That

Fall has brought it's usual whirlwind of travel, sports and a few extra surprises. 
The last Saturday before school, we set off to float the Chattahoochee. Minutes before we put in, Reed was struck with a kidney stone. Luckily, we were close to Northside. Unluckily, we had our entire entourage, including Jupiter. Reed spent the next few hours getting hopped up on pain meds and I spent the next few hours running between the parking lot to check on the boys and Jupi and the ER to check on Reed-in my bathing suit. It was awesome. Extra luckily, our neighbors are awesome and the Phillips came and saved the boys (and me). After a few weeks of on and off again pain, Reed decided to have surgery-in Jasper. The hospital was small and southern and wonderful and Reed was better within 24hours. 

With Reed traveling for work most of the month, we made a mega fort and settled in for a cozy conference weekend. 

G was student of the month for academics! This has been a wonderful year for him as he's been challenged and gained confidence (yes, even more).

C went to play at the Smiths while I had a doctor's appointment. He painted pumpkins, made banana bread, lost a hermit crab and had a wonderful time. 

G got to play in the opening game at Bell Memorial park.
It's beautiful.
He was asked to fill in for U-9 because they were low on players and he had a blast.

Last Hurrah

As the temperatures are finally starting to fall here in Georgia, we enjoyed one last day on the lake with the PetersEns and Myers.