Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm so glad when Grandpa comes!

The highlight of the week (through the mist of yuck) was both Dads coming out to visit. Reed got ordained to be a High Priest (a position in our church) and our Dads were kind enough to come out to perform the blessing. The boys were in heaven. Grandpa Greg and Grandpa Don even babysat on Saturday night so Reed and I could go to the adult session of Stake Conference. Apparently, games, snake wrestling, McDonalds, more games, and more snake wrestling were the order of the night. Honestly, I was a little nervous about the unique opportunity to host both Dads at the same time, but it was fantastic. They both were so easy to have, helped out a ton and the boys loved it.

So to review; snake wrestling, rib couting and more wrestling.

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The Longest Week

The longest week EVER just keeps getting longer. I swear you could think up any symptom/illness and we've had it. It started with G, who ended up w/pneumonia, got passed to Matts who knocked his out w/a Z-Pack, lingered with me (I can't take any of the good stuff due to the little one), glanced past Reed (have I mentioned my envy of anyone who can take Nyquil?) and then circled back around with a nice round of throw-up to clear all that phlegm our of our systems. I've currently doused my house in clorox, hot water and hand sanitizer. It HAS to end right?

Getting this picture from Christmas may be the only thing that could boost my spirits.

No direction, no posing, just pure imagination.
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In the interest of posterity here's a brief recap of our Christmas festivities.