Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 Lessons of Leon

1. Never underestimate the power of a little snow and a lot of ice to paralyze Atlanta. 
Yes, I know they overreact. Yes, I know they don't know how to drive. Yes, I know they don't have the equipment. But, when it comes down to it, you can't drive on ice.
 And ice is what you get in the South once the snow sticks.

Throughout the day I watched the snow start to fall, slightly concerned about the kiddos getting home from school. But, from past experience, I assumed at the earliest hint, or even possibility of difficulty, school would be released. Apparently Cobb is very conservative, but Fulton is notorious for waiting too long and getting stuck. Information that would have been useful.

After a 1:45 early dismissal and rumors of bus issues the gang's moms began an endless flurry of texts, messages and information exchange as the situation developed. Unfortunately, with my pneumonia I couldn't enact my idea of walk to the school, gearing up the kids and walking home. I thought it would be a grand adventure. Of course, I wouldn't actually be the one to shepherd the boys home, but details... 

2. Never underestimate the goodness of teachers and friends to rescue your kids when you're homebound with pneumonia.
With conflicting reports of buses leaving, Matts and Gray's teachers started to contact me directly and advised coming to get the boys because the buses weren't even making it to the school. Bless them for staying after school and keeping our kids happy and secure. A Dad down the street borrowed his sons truck and was off. He had no problem getting there, but getting home was another issue. They ended up piling out and starting the trek home, which included at stop at Wendy to unthaw :). Two other Moms gathered all our cold weather gear and rushed (walking) to meet them. 
(Mostly hats/gloves/scarfs, but I threw in an extra coat, just because).
Just because=Gray forgetting his coat at school. 

3. Never underestimate the resilience of your kids. At 6pm, after walking home 2miles in the snow, Matts and Gray burst through the door begging to go sledding.
After an afternoon of fretting, praying and prepping (I had my bed set with a heater running, multiple blankets, clothes warming in the dryer) Matts and Gray burst through the doors, rosy cheeked and begging to go sledding. A quick clothing change (into actual snow clothes) and they were off. 

It was a crazy, crazy afternoon. I'm grateful for prayer, friends, teachers and above all these wonderfully strong spirits that I am blessed to call my sons.

3.1 Remember to teach your kids to make snow angels.
It may seem simple enough, but as C demonstrates, it can easily get turned around :)

Oh, and in the meantime, I had a delicious dinner brought by a sister in our ward (Mom and Dad-Sister Pehrson) and C was picked up by our lovely neighbor down the street to enjoy the snow. She's also graciously hosting all my boys' snow filled fun while I nestle in bed

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back Track-Back to School

I knew it would happen, but in a flurry of photo organization and trying to get things sorted on the new desktop I ran across some goodies that are either just too cute, or too memorable to pass up. So, while no means comprehensive, here are some of our favorite moments from the past few months. After a year with the MOST WONDERFUL TEACHER IN THE WORLD! the boys were more than ready to get back to the public school system. 

Mattson-off to 4th grade and Miss Rivenbark's class

G-off to his first full day of school with Miss Witt

Little C and his not so little backpack. 

The 'Baby'

My original plan was to keep him with me until the New Year, but after 2wks of endless questions about HIS teacher and HIS school we went ahead and found a lovely little preschool for C to attend 3 days a week.
As you can see, he was pretty pleased :)

Resolutions, Intentions, Goals, etc. etc.

Matts and Gray have listed a weekly journal as one of their 2013 goals. Funny how kids know just how to "better" their parents right along with themselves. So, while my boys are diligently (or beligerently) recording their weekly events I'll be doing the same. I can't promise any degree of wittiness or eloquence, but at least events small and large will be recorded for posterity.
 (As additional motivation, Diane has been sending copies of her journal and they're endless entertainment:)
So, for present betterment and future laughs...

We survived the polar vortex and the happy exhaustion that is Christmas Holiday. It was FREEZING. School was cancelled for an extra day (see above exhaustion) and once I saw the temp hit 7, with a windchill of -15 I had to withdraw my criticism of wimpy southerners. 

In true southern fashion, the weather rallied within 24hrs and we were able to enjoy Matts' pack meeting at the local nature center-complete with teepee, face paint, indian headdress and legends. Let's just say his troop is pretty awesome.

And with that, the big boys were back in school and Little C and I were back to important business; like making Pickle Chiffon Pie. Unfortunately, in the past week a new little boy has moved into the ward and after one day of church and a single play date, has claimed the place as C's favorite pal. Although it's an answer to prayers, I'm not sure how I feel about being so easily displaced by a 3yr old with a couple of transformers.

Random, Miscellaneous Awesomeness
*G is a deep, deep sleeper. The other night he was roused just enough to go on a tirade as Matts got in bed. In response we heard "what the heck!?!" echoing through the house*

*Over the break R taught the boys the joys of 'credit carding', 'the most annoying sound in the world' and 'mockingbird'*

*The manners jar is working wonders. It's pretty entertaining to watch the boys flip the switch from rabid animal to proper young man with the click of a marble*


In case I never get my act together enough to document the last 6 months of 2013, here's a lovely recap.