Saturday, July 23, 2011

On your marks...

On a hot, hot summer evening here in Georgia we had our 2nd pinewood derby.

Some of us were happy to be there.
Others were too focused on the race to smile for pics.
Blurry, but such a typical G 'pleased but trying not to show it' face that I had to post it.
The Lego master and winner of 'best craftsmanship'
The 'fiercest' racer
Not entirely impressed.
A quick shout out to Reed who had the difficult job of designing and building cars the boys could be proud to race. He did an awesome job of balancing his desire for perfection and pure dominance with allowing the boys to fully participate in the construction even if it meant crooked axles and rough edges.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Newest Peterson

We're pleased to introduce you to our newest addition; Miss Allegra.
AKA: Allie Lou.

Allie is on loan while my parents and Tommy Boy are serving missions. I spent the first two weeks worrying that she wouldn't get enough attention, now I'll spend the next 3 years worrying that she'll be loved to death. She's the most fantastically sweet, well mannered dog and as long as we can keep the fur under control it's the perfect situation. At 10 years old she just hangs out most of the day, but is still spry enough to play catch or swim in the river with the boys (although she may look a little rickety that evening)
So far the boys love her. It's been the perfect intro to daily chores. Matts walks her twice a day (complete with 'bags on board' to clean up after her) and sets up 'play dates' with all the neighborhood dogs. G is in charge of her vitamins and can be found randomly cuddling up with her. Christian does a very thorough job of checking her water and her temperament by sitting on her at random times.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Higley Wigglies

One of the worst/hardest/most miserable thing in that happened in the past year was the Higleys relocating to San Jose. Luckily, Bonnie's family lives in TN so we met up in Chattanooga for some good southern fun. In true Higley fashion we had a fun and crazy time.

Getting down and dirty. (Don't worry it was after the aquarium).
The boys kept yelling 'retreat' and running. They were all on the same team, so we're stilling trying to figure out who the pursuers were.
Pleasant Parker. Last year Bonnie and I scarred the local lifeguards by swimming at our community pool until the week we had Christian and Parker 2 days apart.
King of the world
Where the maniacs belong
Spit at by a stingray
The kiddos
We love Miss Bonnie!
Along for the ride
Racing to the top
Little Buddies

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome Home

After a fantastically long trip it was time to head home. We debated staying longer for a good friend's wedding (which, luckily Reed will be able to attend), but C started to get sick again and we were all showing signs of needing regular sleep and we all needed our little family together again (Reed hit up London, Toronto, California and Paris, with a long weekend in Utah in June). At first I thought it was desperation, but looking back I'd say it was inspiration. Within 48 hours of being home Christian was crying hysterically in the ped's office (seriously, even the nurses and ped were concerned) which led to a trip to the ENT early the next morning which led to suctioning a clot out of Christian's ear that had been blocking his tube, making it non-fuctional and him miserable. Add to that our top floor A/C going out, our master shower leaking, and Reed and I getting a nasty case of strep (waiting to see if the kiddos get it) and there you have our welcome back to reality.

I must really love Atlanta and really love Reed b/c even with all that, it's good to be home and be with Reed again.

Summer with the Petersons

Of course, the great thing is in Utah we get twice the family, which means twice the fun! Luckily, Holly, Matt and the twins came up twice during our extended visit. Although we missed Hayley and Kyle (who are currently in Barcelona) Holly threw the twins the most adorable animal party, the boys attended their first recital (Chocolate Shiloh Rose) complete with flowers (early training), we visited the Bean Museum and the Provo Bakery and enjoyed lots and lots of water time and candy (thanks to Grandma Diane's pinata). Let's just say it was a wild time.

Little C
All the cousins enjoying their loot
The big boys
Wanting to be big
Taking it very seriously
Not so serious
The animals :)

Summer Fun with the Newells

Since my parents were leaving for 3 years we lived it up by spending the MONTH of June in Utah. We even got there in time to go to Tommy Boy's graduation, which was only fitting seeing as he's had to sit through more graduations than he can count. That also meant we got there in time to visit Elle's grave on Memorial day. A short, pleasant visit, turned into a LONG advneture as we lost our camera in the pouring rain and only after a prayer and an hour of searching found it. To keep us busy Matts did football and basketball camps, G did an allsport camp and C enjoyed lots and lots of cousin time.
Check it out, Miss Gentry adorable and tube free!!
Tommy Boy saying good-bye to Allie for 2 years.
(The only time he shed a tear)
Uncle Mike was a hero as he took on my 3 boys while we packed up my parent's house.
A "quick" visit to Elle's grave that turned into a smaller miracle as we lost our camera and found it only after an hour of searching in the rain and a heartfelt prayer.
The Grad
The Family
The Missionaries