Friday, December 10, 2010


"Her heart was too small and her love was too big, so she had to go back to heaven."


Saturday, December 4, 2010


In a shameless brag on Reed here's a link to what he just got back from doing:

Not bad for an ancient 34 :)


I think that sums up our weekend. The boys were overwhelmed with the thrill of seeing Santa. I was overwhelmed with shepherding 5 kiddos. (24hrs of it solo b/c R was in PA). Let's just say I have an entirely new respect for my mom who most of her life solo with 5 kiddos under the age of 7.
C was much too happy with Karen, gazing peacefully at all the christmas lights to be bothered with Santa.
I know no one's looking, but it's documented. Let's just say my standards were incredibly low.

Big Mouth Baby Frog

I love this big mouth baby frog and he loves his food and his brother (occasionally in that order :)

Holiday Flashback II

Not quite as far back as Halloween, but one last late celebration. Every year Reed is in Hong Kong for G's birthday, so they have a special night out together. This year it was a Hawks game and donuts. Reed has certainly met his match in this little man.

Holiday Flashback

I had given up on posting Halloween pics, but I finally checked them out and they're just too cute to pass up.

The clones and Stinky the Hut
Captain Rex using the force
Commander Cody using brute force

Down Diggity Dog

Proof that anyone can do P90x yoga if they try hard enough.