Friday, December 11, 2009


This is how we carol in the south
No really, we were on our way to carol.
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Happy Birthday Reed!

The day after Thanksgiving Reed turned the big 33. We've spent the last 3 weeks wondering when we turned into the grown-ups.

Reed deferred his celebrations 24hours. Although his bday was on Friday he actually spent all day Saturday celebrating. And by celebrating I mean parked on the couch, watching rivalry week of Football. What can I say? He was the birthday boy...

and he's earned it. This past year I have come to appreciate Reed is a new light. He's an amazing father and I always knew that he was a amazing partner. This year I discovered that he's also an amazing husband; for over 3 months I depended on him for emotional, physical and spiritual strength that he was happy to give. If that (plus, 33 years of life), doesn't deserve a day of football I don't know what does.

As proof that he's still human here's my current favorite pic:

While he may have fatherhood, husband-dom, fantasy dominance and overall awesomeness figured out here's to the next fantastic 33 years spent working on humility :)

Happy Thanksgiving

In an effort to clear my conscience and my camera before the holiday, here's a quick recap of our festivities thus far.

Behold; the first annual Smyrna Turkey Bowl. Since Matts decided he was skilled enough to play in both the kiddie and adult games it was also the debut of "THE BRICK"
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Family Pics

While Hayley and Kyle were here over Thanksgiving weekend we took Hayley up on her offer to do some spontaneous family pics. Although I can't say we got a great one of all 4 of us, we got awesome pics in every other combination.