Saturday, June 22, 2013

Absolutely Wonderful

Regent's Open Air Theatre.
To Kill a Mockingbird
Robert Sean Leonard.

Love, love, love words and all they can make you think, feel and experience.
Not only were the actors (WILSON!) great. The production was phenomenal. They utilized the actors as narrators who read straight from the novel. Harper Lee was truly gifted and using her actual text was incredibly powerful.

Matts goes to Work

Reed continues to be SuperDad-balancing work with being a fantastic father. I'm so grateful that he makes our boys his priority. He does a wonderful job at making time for them and finding ways to help them learn and grow and basically become TOTALLY AWESOME!
The IT team strikes again.

Like father, Like Son

A Year

It only took us a year to make it to the top of St. Paul's.

Totally worth it.

It only took a year for Matts to become a true city boy.

He now requests the Daily Standard.
 Morning and evening editions.
What? It took us a year to go to the creperie down the road from Church?
That deserves some "Sad Eyes"
Or maybe some "Angry Eyes"

Or maybe eyes that can see your brain.

Or, just a sly wink.

No, Gray, THIS is how you wink ;)

The List Goes On

Also on the list-boating in Regents Park. Happily, we convinced the Swensens to come along, which made it that much more fun. With their help we were able to play musical boats, race around the islands, discover all the brand new babies in their nests and recreate Little Mermaid  in the over hang. 

The canals of Little Venice-not a bad commute to the park.
While waiting, Little C worked on his archery skills

And showed off his muscles.

Let's do this!
Rule #1: No standing on the boats
Rule #2: No Switching Boats

Rule #3: No Splashing
Apparently, our 2/3's of our children are up for adoption.

Not that we can blame them. We think these guys are pretty great. Brian was even able to swing tickets to see Midsummer's Night Dream for Annji's Birthday. 

Are you sure
That we are awake? It seems to me
That yet we sleep, we dream

Let's go ride a bike

With just under a month left in London we're working hard to finish off the "lists". Apparently, riding Barclay's bikes was high on Reed and Matts' lists. As in, Reed making me ride a bike and Matts finally convincing us that he was old/tall/responsible enough to ride one.
I survived.

So proud

Not a bad way to get to Faith in God.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Since spending the day at Reed's work with the IT team, G has become "incessed" with any and all electronics.

Matts is still exploring the world
And his love of photography.

I discovered why C would rather play with Miss Asha than me.


G doesn't mind her either :)

Especially when she takes him Goose hunting.


After eating at our favorite Indian restaurant outside of Stonehenge (seriously amazing and the boys love it. Matts polished off an order Tikka Masala by himself) we headed to Bristol where we had a relaxing night before heading to Bath the next morning. Since we've already toured the Roman Baths we opted to let Grandma and Grandpa go through them solo (with Matts as their guide) while we explored the city 
with G and C.

At the Baths
The Tour Guide and Photographer

Once again, it's all in the details...

And the signage...

And the interactions.
And the everyday moments.

Meanwhile, we explored the major landmarks of Bath. Like, the drinking fountains.
And the Buskers.

And the local mascots.

We were excited to meet back up.

And cross the bride to our best find of the afternoon...

A Labyrinth.

G loves his mazes.

We made some new friends...

because we don't discriminate based on age, or gender.

But at the end of the day, it's all about brothers.