Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It only took 6 years, but I finally revisited 26.2.
On the plus side, it was flat, I didn't get sick, and I had a fantastic weekend with fantastic company, food and transportation :).  
On the minus side, it was windy/cold and I never found my stride :(
But, with 3:57 I scraped in under 4!
(I know we look awesome, but it was cold, so we started the race layered with throw-aways)
In response to the popular, "How do you do have time/energy?"  The answer is we don't, we just have a whole lot of crazy and with the encouragement of friends, a stroller trained child, a wonderful husband and a trusty treadmill (seriously, 20miles from 8pm-11pm) it is possible.  

Happy Halloween!

We had a very Happy Halloween with entirely too many parties and entirely too much candy.  The theme this year was Ninjago, not ninja, NINJAGO.  We ran into some difficulty with finding headscarves that actually stayed on, but thanks to some youtube magic, we worked it out.  (With the exception of C who wouldn't wear anything and ended up looking more like a robber :).

Grayson showing off his ninja moves.

For school Matts could dress up as a favorite fictional character.  
May I introduce you to son of the world famous detective, Fenton Hardy, Frank Hardy.  

One family picture and...

 They're off!

After a quick stop at the neighborhood party and spin around our block, the little and I came home to bed.  As you can see, he wasn't ready to be done.  

The big boys went for another 2 hours and came home with 15lbs of candy!  
Happily, our dentist has a trade in program, so three days later the boys were $15 richer.  


Christian's currently loves:

Instead of identifying colors or animals, we've skipped to balls; basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball, volleyball and football.  Basketball and football are the favorites.  Little C loves to practice alongside the big boys, must always be buckled in with at least one ball and a sports book and  if he even hears the word ball, chimes in with "football?"

*Note the mini court created by older brothers*

No secret why football is a favorite.  This little man loves to get physical.  
 He may look sweet, but...
 he's usually the aggressor.