Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break

Even though Partridges have moved across the country, Miss Ariel still remains our trip planner extraordinaire. Nothing beats Spring Break in the gulf and this year we got to enjoy it for a full week!
Yelp wins again. Donut King in Eufaula was a total success.
It confirmed our thought that fantastic foo makes all the difference. 
Back at our happy place.
Ready for a wonderful week of complete relaxation.
Or at least a wonderful week filled with soccer and football and kayaking.

Diligently watching conference and using his time wisely.
Also, imagine a pic of Reed&Matts dressed up to go to Priesthood for his 1st time. THe ward had a cake and ice ream bar, so Matts is pretty convince that Priesthood is AWESOME! 
Not so diligently watching conference. 

Lots and lots of successful night time crab hunting. 
Reviewing the footage with Dustin. 

Getting ready for a little Go-Pro action.

Trying to get Jupiter in on a little Kayaking action.
He wasn't a fan. 

Pirates struck!

Any good beach vacation involves a little reading. 

Family sunset walk on the beach. 

About halfway through the week we figured out why the Big Boys were so willing to "help" on grocery runs into town. 

The End.

Happy 12th Birthday Matts!

And just like that, our oldest son is 12. 
Ready for scouts and priesthood and so, so ready to outgrow his Mom. 
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March 2016 (He asked for some folders to organize his old school papers-I love this kid!)
Matts- this has been such a great year of growth for you. As we have watched you take responsibility and refine your love of learning you have excelled in school. Middle school has been great as you have had the opportunity to capitalize on your natural independence. I've seeing you question and develop a strong testimony. It has strengthened those around you. Thanks again for all the energy, strength and rightness that your bring into our lives.


After our whirlwind trip to Spain, we settled into a nice, quiet March. 

The weather warmed up  (sometimes) and we thoroughly took advantage of it with a little relaxation...
And a little soccer.
Actually, ALOT of soccer. Since attending the Barca game, soccer is all the rage at the Peterson house. 

We also prepped for Priesthood Preview, while C selfied it up in the chapel. 

R surprised to boys by picking them up at school and taking them to see a little MArch Madness with the PHillips. 

C tagged along AGAIN while I volunteered for G's Master's class. 

He doesn't seem to mind too much. 

G takes his art very seriously. 

C takes nothing seriously. 

Not even Kindergarten round-up (where has time gone?)

Or, Easter Egg hunts. 

Because, life is meant to be enjoyed. 

Happy Easter from our growing boys. 

And an extra Happy Easter surprise from the Smihts. 

Please not Reed'seggcellent Easter decor. 

This kid. 

I had a little incident involving the hedge trimmer while we did some Spring Cleaning on our rental house. 10 stitches later and I was (sorta) good to go. Crazy how much you use your left had. 
Matts got a little reward to sticking around with Reed to finish up the yard while G, C and I Ubered home from the hospital (yes, you read that correctly). 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Road Trip!

Friday morning Reed was a free man, so we hit the road and headed North. After many debates, we decided to stay close to the coast(for the weather), within 3hrs(for our sanity) and be back in time for the Barcelona game on Sunday (for our boys). 
While waiting for Reed to get our rental car, we found this awesome dragon sculpture/slide. 

It was a little wet and ended in the middle of a pond, but it sure was fun. 

Thanks for a complete lack of fast food, we were FORCED to go into town for lunch. We had heard great things bout Girona so we decided to make an adventure out of it. 

Little C discovered his love of croquettes. We discovered our love of Yelp
. FYI-Yelp-GOOD. TripAdvisor-NT GOOD

Since we were in town already, we walked to the cathedral. 

It was good to stretch our legs. 

The view wasn't too shabby either. 

It's a good thing we stopped because the natives were restless. 

They were suitably punished. (except the one who was actually really, really grumpy and wouldn't join in)

But, then they escaped. 

And found a high, slightly illegal place to hang out. 

Unfortunately, getting down was a little sketchy.