Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This and That

Fall has brought it's usual whirlwind of travel, sports and a few extra surprises. 
The last Saturday before school, we set off to float the Chattahoochee. Minutes before we put in, Reed was struck with a kidney stone. Luckily, we were close to Northside. Unluckily, we had our entire entourage, including Jupiter. Reed spent the next few hours getting hopped up on pain meds and I spent the next few hours running between the parking lot to check on the boys and Jupi and the ER to check on Reed-in my bathing suit. It was awesome. Extra luckily, our neighbors are awesome and the Phillips came and saved the boys (and me). After a few weeks of on and off again pain, Reed decided to have surgery-in Jasper. The hospital was small and southern and wonderful and Reed was better within 24hours. 

With Reed traveling for work most of the month, we made a mega fort and settled in for a cozy conference weekend. 

G was student of the month for academics! This has been a wonderful year for him as he's been challenged and gained confidence (yes, even more).

C went to play at the Smiths while I had a doctor's appointment. He painted pumpkins, made banana bread, lost a hermit crab and had a wonderful time. 

G got to play in the opening game at Bell Memorial park.
It's beautiful.
He was asked to fill in for U-9 because they were low on players and he had a blast.

Last Hurrah

As the temperatures are finally starting to fall here in Georgia, we enjoyed one last day on the lake with the PetersEns and Myers.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rainy Days

Saturday morning, Matts had basketball and all other games were cancelled. So, G and C headed out back for a little frog hunting. 

With their trusty sidekick

Buddies-until they weren't.

Waiting to see if this little man has another case of strep, scarlet fever, or just a nasty virus.
So, stomping around  in the rain was a great idea.

It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters

This fall, G has moved up to U-11. It's been a big jump. But (on the good days) he loves it. Due to scheduling issues, G's team shared space with the U-13 team on Wednesday. They graciously shared some of their players to our team and it was game on. 

Luckily, G was "on" that night and he snuck in a goal-lefty! Unfortunately, the big boys forgot he wasn't so big and he took 2 pretty nasty (and totally illegal) hits. Extra luckily, he's alive and well. 

Fall Days

Fall edging it's way into Atlanta. Long, sweltering days are giving way to crisp air and dappled sunshine.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

And what a wonderful life we live.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

First Day of School 2.0

Little C started school a full 2 weeks after "his boys". Although he could have started Kindergarten this year, we decided that 7:10-2:45 is a really, really looooooong day for this little man. I waffled back and forth. But, after his first day of preschool (9:30-12:30) he came home and took a nap. Ms. Teresa is his teacher and she is wonderful and organized and demanding. Just what our little man needs to get ready for real, real school next year. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall in SEC country

Growing up in SEC country; Matts is learning to take football very seriously. From team colors to tailgating and fantasy drafts to 2 a days-It's a way of life here in the South.
Geared up  and ready for his first game.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Utah Pilgrimage

We made out annual Utah pilgrimage and it was wonderful. It's fantastic to escape the Georgia heat (and humidity) and enjoy families, friends and the great outdoors.

A trip to Target with Gma Candi=PARTY!!!

The biggest and the littlest

Cousins enjoying Timmy (Thomas' new girlfriend), who had bad karma and didn't make it through the summer

"That cute baby"

Gpa Greg watched Christian while I ran G to camp. Registration took longer than expected, so Gpa took him on some errands that ended in a bribe. All Christian remembers is that Gpa Greg took him to Toys R Us to choose the BEST lego EVER!!!

Enjoying fireworks with GracieGirl
Monkey see...Monkey Do. Thomas trained Matts this summer in bball and FB. On our last day, they ran the Hobbler 5k together. Before leaving, Thomas sat down to stretch and, without a word, Matts plopped down and followed his example

Little C met a nice man at BYU who added to his mission fund. (He's his father's child and incredibly social).

We even got to meet up with our old Georgia besties. The Moms got in some running, the Dads some fishing and the kiddos just enjoyed eachother. 
One of our favorite traditions-boating with the Gehrings. 

Matts got up!

G got up on the U-ski
Reed, Chris and Brad were super heroes and took the kiddos on a 3 day float trip on the Green River. Everyone came back happy, healthy and ALIVE. And that's about all I want to know.
Lots of fishing time with Brad.
Actually, just lots of fishing time.
They even got Gpa Don out on the river!
A little guy for the little guy.
Not solo, but C caught plenty of fish.
G on the Green.
Matts' first solo fish.
Uncle Brad is awesome. 
Nature at it's finest-So disturbing and cannibalistic. 
And a new tradition-STADIUM OF FIRE!!! A big thanks to Scottie for the tickets.
Matts has found the most peaceful place on earth, aka the MTC. Literally, the ONLY time I've seen him sleep in public since he was ~3mths old is during sacrament at the MTC.
By the end of 3 weeks we were happily exhausted.

Southern Summer

There's nothing quite like a hot Georgia summer.

We started the summer off on a high note and went down to Columbus for Miss Edie's 1st birthday.

Matts had an awesome 11yr old scout camp. Our ward crams all their camps into one week. So, the entire ward pitches in and transports, teaches and wrangles the young women and scouts at their various camps. 

BB's are always a favorite.

Nothing like a fire hose to get the water fight started.

Because I was a Den leader for the week, C got to join in the fun. He loved "tot lot".
*I was feeling crummy one day, so Reed took over. He was AWESOME! and put us all to shame. But, I think he came away for a whole new appreciation and perspective and the wonderful, draining chaos that comes with herding boys. 

G was able to do his first all day tourney-gotta refuel right.

Buddies, on and off the field

Great group of boys, coaches and great first experience into the world of "real" lacrosse and weekend tournaments. 

Our first stop back in Georgia. 

Nothing beats a summer day on the lake. 
Except maybe, shootin' the hooch
With your loyal pooch