Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I always worry about our kids having their own special nicknames and endearments. It honestly stresses me out the first months until they settle in and we get to know them and can start calling them by something more unique than buddy (or, heaven forbid their actual name :).

Happily, Christian has not suffered from last child syndrome in this regard at all.
Unhappily, well, you can fill in the blank.

Meet Christian, aka the destructanator, aka Stitch.

He may look cute and cuddly, but...

Wow, San Francisco. Rah, Rah, Rah.
That's right C doesn't talk, but he is developing quite the range of sound effects as he 'plays' with his brother's set ups.

His destructive programming is taking effect. He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities, where he will...steal everyone's left shoe.
This kid has a shoe fetish. Note the singular. It's always only one.

On what poor, pitiful, defenseless planet has my "monstrosity" been unleashed.
Apparently 2 active boys wasn't enough to ensure that my house was truly childproofed. C has broken more (I've given up replacing the glass in pics until a later date), tasted more (EVERYTHING, note the eraser below) and discovered more (some kids actually do try to stick their fingers in light sockets) than the older two put together.

His only instinct... to destroy everything he touches! Ha ha ha ha!
Ah, karma. It bit me today as I scrubbed crayon off my walls. Because, you know, that's something only unsupervised and undisciplined children do.

This is your badness level. It's unusually high for someone your size.
At the ripe old age of 15mths this kid knows what he wants and isn't afraid to let you know.

Stitch is troubled. He needs desserts!
(Notice the standing. Christian has ninja skills which he employs to get out of any and all restraining devices)
All that said, we love this boy. Although he does keep us on the edge of our seats he definitely keeps us laughing while we're there.

First Day of School

The big boys started school on Monday. Both are going to the same schools and both have some of their best friends in their classes, which made it nice and easy.

G striking a pose on his way to Pre-k 4.
Interesting note, at his open house G went into full blown 'I'm pleased, but trying not to show it'/'I'm too cool to get excited'. Makes me wonder what he'll be like when he's a full blown teen.
Matts, taking school very serious. It's been interesting to watch Matts the past few weeks. He so obviously wants to do the right thing and do it the right way. It's a trait I've always admired, helping a growing boy deal with it has been interesting and little challenging. On a lighter note at Sunday dinner we were discussing the first day of school and how we were going to celebrate.
"Mom, I think we should have a big back to school dinner with something really special, like sandwiches."
And we did.
Love these boys and I can't believe they're growing up so fast. They're each so great in their different ways. I'm excited to see what the school year brings.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

iPAD 2.0

Tragic that after months of debate it took less than a week for the iPAD to become a fixture in our family. Let's just say I'm now convinced that given the bribery capabilities of the iPAD I'm well on my way to having perfect children.

It's for all ages.
Silly G
Angry eyes for angry birds
It's a family affair

Happy 12 years!

Just over 12 years ago I made the best decision of my very short life and married Reed.
It's been 12 years of ups and downs, joy and sorrow, laughter and tears.
As we're currently recovering from a horrendous power surge I have no pictures earlier than March 2011. Luckily, I'm still discovering how wise my 18 year old self really was and I'm still falling in love with this wonderful man.

Exhibit A:
Our anniversary celebrations included a fantastic dinner, chosen at a restaurant know for it's dessert platters and then a second dessert later that evening.
What can I say, I'm a lucky, lucky girl.
Exhibit B:
EVERY Saturday Reed gets up with the boys and they watch cartoons, run errands and usually end up at McDonalds for breakfast. No matter how long his week, or how tired he is, Reed gives me this time to rest, run and read (the 3 R's of a happy life). The boys love it and ask for Saturday all week long. I desperately need it and it keeps me sane and spoiled in our hectic life.
Exhibit C:
Behold, the power of the iPAD. For those who aren't aware my husband may be one of the most frugal men on the face of the planet. For the past 2 years he's debated an iPAD, even buying and returning one (twice), but ultimately came to the conclusion that it was just too expensive a 'toy' for now. Until my parents moved to Sweden. Until they put facetime on apple products.
Until it would make my life better and happier.

I love you Reed. You're an fantastic husband, father and friend.
You make my life better, easier and happier.
Here's to the 12 years, come what may.

Thank you Grandma!

Although it's hard to live away from family there is one plus.
Yes, it's shallow, but the boys (and I) love to see what thoughtful things our Grandmas send.

New Shoes!
Every year Grandma Candi sends the boys new school shoes to start the year. We got these early and in order to protect them we've kept them as 'sunday' shoes. But, school starts tomorrow. So bring it on. The boys love the way they feel and so if they hold up well I think we'll be customers for life. Plus, they're the cutest things I've seen for boys in a LONG time.
No seriously, THE cutest thing

Shirts all the way from Zermatt, Switzerland. Grandma Diane likes to keep these boys very well dressed.