Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What we've been up to

Between enjoying the beautiful weather by spending as much time as possible outside and juggling Matts' 2x weekly phyiscal therapy (he still can't straighten his arm.  At first it was funny.  Now, not so much).  We've been a pretty "quiet" house.  "Quiet" meaning no major events, doing nothing.  We've been...
Acting like gentlemen and delivering our traditional valentine flowers to the special ladies in our life.  

Acting like hooligans and creating homemade whoopee cushions.  

Acting like idiots and "testing" batteries.

Yep, still good.

Acting like big boys and making creations we're so proud of.  

Happy Birthday to Me

It was a wonderful day, complete with streamers, trick candles and confetti guns.  Have I mentioned I live in a house of boys?  

Confetti guns...

Characters...LOVE G as the "Birthday Triceratops" hiding in the corner and Matts ready for battle as the birthday knight 

So sweet

Even Allie got in on the party.  (And Luci, who I found later that night, under the chair with a party hat still on)

No party's complete w/o a little Michael

My Funny Valentines

As the only lady in the house, Valentines is a pretty great day for me.  I have the enviable job of juggling four handsome boys.  I love each and every one for a different reason:

The funny guy:
 Quotes from the day included:  "Who made Legos?  Cause I think it was God."  And before bedtime "Where's my squeakinator?"  Which was followed by Gray emerging from under his bed with a Luci in tow. "Ahhh, there she is :)"

The Charmer
Look at that face...Little C will NOT be overlooked.  His current tactic of choice is repeating his request over and over in rising decibels until you give in (or go deaf :)

The strong, silent type
Underneath all the rough and tumble Matts has a tender heart.  Valentines morning I woke up to hear "Oh yes Christian, that's your get to play with Matts' legos for 5 minutes."  Now that we've got compassion we're working on perspective.  
Also, the Saturday before Matts and I had our first "date".  Apparently all this guy needs to have the best day ever is a personal trip to Krispy Kreme (funded by certificates earned at the Physical Therapist) and a trip to the bookstore.  I have trained him well.  

My Love
He's pretty much awesome and makes my life better everyday I spend with him.