Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In reading my sister's Easter post I was touched to see that the Utah cousins made a trip to Elle's grave for Easter. Although I'm sure the bunnies provided lots of entertainment (apparently it was the Uncles who spent an hour trying to catch them) I greatly appreciate the thought and effort that our families put forth to keep Elle a part of our families' lives.

Izzie, Alise, Madie and Linnea visiting Elle's grave.
(That's right, I have all nieces on the Newell side to even out our boy house here in Atlanta)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Just how bad is it for a husband to ask his 36 week pregnant wife,
"Now, which hospital are you having this baby at?"

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Army guys, Birthdays and Grandma, Oh My!

The weekend before Matts' bday we got to head up to Fort Bragg to visit Hayley and Kyle. Not only did we get to tour the army base, play laser tag, play in the mud pile and celebrate Matts' bday; the highlight is that Grandma Diane was there for all of it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Happy Home

In March we found another "Happy Home" for Oakley. With 3 boys in our house, it was just a little too crazy for him and he really needed a quieter place to live. Luckily, after approximately 3million phones calls Oakley now lives on a farm. Yes, it is a real farm and we didn't just put him "out to pasture".
A little too much love

Matts was especially sad to see Oakley go. Every night Oakley would sleep on top of Matts' head. We're still not sure if it was a show of dominance or affection. But, since Matts declared his heart was breaking when we dropped off Oakley we'll go with affection.

Barcelona 2010

Although we have embarrasingly few pictures to prove it, we had a fantastic time in Barcelona. Due to my slightly larger state :) we took it easy and spent alot of time just wandering the gothic quarter, eating fantastic food, sleeping in ridiculously late and filling up on gummies. On our way up Tibidabo (our one tourist stop) I learned that R's fear of heights is only rivaled by his disdain for modern art.

As you can conclude from the previous sentences (modern art, wandering aimlessly, gummies and sleeping) Reed spent our trip spoiling me rotten. Let's just say a 10 hour plane ride while 6 months pregnant was completely worth it.
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