Sunday, June 13, 2010


For anyone who is not a Grandparent I need to apologize. But, I had to take advantage of my two sleeping rangers, one dozing babe and one basketball watching husband and catch up.

Hot and Cold

Christian is such a happy little man. So, we're already getting some of this:
Unfortunately, until the prevacid is in full force (5-7days) we're also getting alot of this.


This past Saturday we watched the World Cup; England vs. USA. One of my best friend's, Ariel, is a soccer fanatic and was very concerned that Reed be able to hold his own in the office on Monday with all his Tory collegues. My favorite part? The world CUPcakes, Ariel made to celebrate, complete with the flags of all the countries competing.

Luckily, the boys are all decked out from R's trips to Barcelona.
G will even tell you that his jersey, Messi, is the best. Just like Michael Jordan :).


Tonight Matts' taught Family Home Evening. Shockingly, he taught about Captain Moroni. After we finished coloring our worksheets Matts graded them. C got an "Awesome", I got a "good", G got a "YES", M gave himself a "fantastic". As for Reed, he got a "week", followed by a "double week" when he protested. The reasoning; he wasn't reverent enough and he was supposed to be thinking about Jesus, not super heroes.

Christian's First Month

It's hard to believe that Christian is already a month old (and then some). He's still a great baby, but he's been diagnosed with reflux. It's pretty sad to see him squirming around just trying to get comfortable. On the plus side, he's part giant and has gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks! Matts and Gray still adore him and never get tired of Christian "talking" to them.

Grandma...and Grandma

After Christian was born, my mom came out for a fabulous 2 weeks to help out. While she was here we made a quick trip up to Tennessee to introduce Christian to G&G (my mom's parents) and Cath and Scott (who were also visiting). I don't think I can express how great it was to have my mom here. She arrived just as we were hitting our breaking point and left things soo much better. It was amazing how laundry, meals and sleeping children magically appeared in my house. Maybe house elves really do exist.

Got to start them young
Meeting Great Grandma
The first of the season


Mattson had his Kindergarten graduation on May 22nd. As a rule, I'm opposed to overdoing graduations ("it's not a graduation, he's moving from the 4th to the 5th grade", name the movie), his ceremony was actually quite sweet. Matts was a gentleman and presented me with a rose and he was presented with a Bible from the school. You've got to love living in the South.

Christian's first outing

I just want to be bigger!
A very spiritual boy
Rocking out to their revival songs


The week before Christian was born we trekked out to Birmingham to go to the temple one last time. We got there a little early and while driving in saw the sign for "The Southern Aviation Museum". It was completely random, but really fun. Since it was such a small museum they even made and exception on the flight simulator for the boys and let them try it out. A big thanks to the Howells, who trade with us and made sure we got to the temple one last time.
Go Rangers!
Lasers Away
Armed and Ready

This is Cool!