Sunday, April 26, 2009


Why I'm not too worried about Gray being picked on...Why brotherly love is so awesome you can hardly contain it...
Why I vacuum (almost) everyday...

Why I'm almost ok with old sprinkles being eaten off the carpet...

Why it's so hard to have a bad day...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Number 3

Add one more thing to the list of my boy's obsessions;
army training.
Specifically Fort Benning.
Specifically Ranger school.
Specifically the 82nd airborne.

Hop, Hop, Hippity, Hop, Hop

Easter flew by in a blur of friends, family(Kyle and Hayley :) and entirely too many treats.
We even had an extra-special ham at Easter dinner.
Although I didn't take any pics of THE day here are a few from a hunt the week before.
"Naenae" and Siena comparing loot
Not entirely please with her haul


Fireants -- The main attraction


Our boys are "incessed" with two things; Legos and Kyle & Hayley.
Exhibit A:
(Yes, that is Matts' airplane mobile and yes, that was the Lego platoon maning it)

Exhibit B:

Verbatim; "Hayley, please come home. Please come home, Hayley"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In like a lion...

Here's to hoping that April will get the vision and go out like a lamb. I'm currently sitting at my house watching snow flurries out my window.
In Atlanta.
In April.
Oh, I'm also wearing gloves b/c when the weather was actually beautiful and 75 degrees (less than 48 hours ago) we turned off our heater. In one of my brighter moments I didn't remember this until I noticed the welts on my hands and went to check the thermostat; 64 degrees.
Here's to hoping Gray stayed under the covers during his nap b/c "my sleep naked".

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Good, the bad, the ugly

I know I've used this title before, but it captures my afternoon so perfectly it demanded recycling. At 3:30 we headed over to the pediatrician's office for Matts' 5year check up.
No shots? Good.
45 lbs, 44inches? Good.
Entertaining the nurses with stories of the children's hospital? Very good.
Figuring out the cause of Matts' FUO (Fever of unknown origin, it's really fun to type and say :)? Very, Very Good

Matts apparently has a full blown ear infection in his right ear. So, we're hypothesizing that our tough little man gets "sick" before he gets sick (remember the colic that turned out to be a 4 month ear infection and "gas" that turned out to be hand, foot and mouth). The bad news it that he's still sick. Hopefully the omnicef will knock out the ear infection and whatever else is floating around his body. But, knowing Matts and his ears I'm not holding my breath.

And the Ugly? Well, it's a doozie (wow, I'm full of awesomeness today). On the way home, in rush hour traffic, Matts started to complain that he was hot, then specifically his belly was hot, then all I heard was an eruption from the back seat as Matts covered not one, but two car seats in throw-up. And that's not even the really ugly part. By the time we made it home Matts had fallen asleep. Yuck.
I had two choices. Leave my car a mess, wake the child up and carry him screaming to the shower, then return to the car and deal with that mess after 30 minutes of marinating. Or...leave him sleeping and get a head start on the car. Being the conscientious, caring mother that I am I chose the car. Like I said earlier, I'm overflowing with awesomeness.