Monday, June 15, 2009


We had my sister, Catherine, her husband Scott and their two little girls Madi and Izzy here for the weekend. We had lots of good cousin time, learned how to play pinochle, and I got to go on a FAST run with my little sister, aka superwoman. Not a bad agenda for less than 24 hours. It seems we are our Father's daughters :)


We recently started our summer playgroup with some new friends. As I picked up up Matts from the first day the first words out of Karen's mouth were "there is not a drop of estrogen in Mattson's body". As I reorganized the playroom with a sniper bucket, a star wars bucket, a lightsaber bucket, a truck bucket, a car bucket, a construction bucket, a jedi bucket, a dinosaur bucket, and a tool bucket I had to agree. That said, I had to laugh when I uploaded these pics from my camera.
Matts doing yoga with me.
There's nothing wrong with a boy in pink train pajamas.

A wild weekend

We had the great pleasure of going on safari this weekend. I was absolutely blown away. It was honestly one of the coolest things we've done in Georgia. We got to feed a multitude of bison/deer/other hoofed animals. They would stick their entire head in the van trying to get the food (and the kiddo's fingers). We discover that they have nasty breath and gargantuan tongues. For Reed the highlights were the giraffe, the rhinoceros and the lightning-fast finger-eating ostriches. I loved the ligers (Chelsea; they even had two babies). I thought Shasta was the only liger -they're much better alive. For Matts the highlight was the pigs(?) and taking pictures of "Anything beautiful", such as every parrot at the park. Our fearless Gray would giggle every time he fed an animal (by himself)and even touched the rhino. I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone in the area.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last but not least

Since I'm such an all-or-nothing girl I figured I better post this while I was in a posting mood. Reed was the champion of his fantasy basketball league. It may not seem like that big a deal, but it's a pretty intense league. I knew from the "draft" which involved a live webcast and an actual lotto machine that we were in for a ride. To top it all off Reed combined his competitive nature with his love of excel documents and after crafting an incredibly complex system he emerged victorious. Oh, how I love ALL my boys.

Pinewood Derby

We had our first pinewood derby this weekend. Since we don't have alot of scouts they opened it up to all the ward. You can only imagine how excited the Dads were :). Reed did a great job on the boy's cars and even took it well when Matts attacked his carefully constructed camo car with purple glitter.

Grayson Gray

Gray has been talking more and more lately and usually it's to tell jokes. He has such a great sense of humor and LOVES to laugh.

Exhibit A: While watching Star Wars.

"My Luke...Daddy ObiOne...Matts Darth Vader (giggle)...

Mommy Jabba the Hut (uncontrolled giggling)."

Exhibit B: While studying his world placemat at dinner.

My live right here (point to the USA). That's right, good job. My live in Dunkin' Donuts and make my favorite yellow donuts.