Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take 2

The injury

Add stitched up and ready to go
1 time I've taken a kiddo to the ER while Reed's out of town. 
(He was in North Georgia on an Offsite.  Before he left, we joked that at least if I had to go to the ER he would be close)
2 children abandoned at the park while I rushed G to the hospital. 
 (There were 3 other close friends there to tend them)
3+ Times I was assured that stitches are WAAAAAAAY worse than broken bones
Hours spent at the hospital 
(Peterson family rule= if it's on the face, we get the plastic surgeon, even if you have to wait)
5 miles.  Distance I was from my car when Grayson called the next day from school to come home.  
(For the record, I was in his classroom in 40 minutes)
6 Stitches
Grayson was very brave and cheerful through the whole ordeal.  He's at that wonderfully egocentric age (Mom, look, they even have the light switches colored red for me) where attention and unlimited access to Cartoon Network/iphone are remarkably effective medicine.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hanging out

Other than trips to the doctors/dentists/PT we've been enjoying the best time of the year here in Georgia and just hanging out.
Super Man

Raising the Rim

Except for that time when I went on an adventure run that included the beach, gummies and getting lost in a Gothic Cathedral. 

Extra! Extra!

 We had our annual ward talent show this past weekend.  I dusted off my choreography skills and put together a routine to "Newsies".  Then I got to practice and realized I was choreographing eleven 5-10yr old BOYS.  But, with the help of alot of duct tape marks and repeating choruses they pulled it out and were pretty great.  
And yes, we had a viewing party at our house the night before so now the boys of the Smyrna ward primary are ready to take on the world and "Seize the day".

Inspired by his brothers, Christian let his voice be heard!
(How's that for a segue)

The new uniform

Matts has decided that this is what he should be wearing; all day, everyday.  
We agree.

Last weekend, while at a neighbor's birthday party, Matts went long for a pass. 
 Long all the way into a cement retaining wall.  With his chin.  And his teeth.  
The good news is that jaws are remarkably hard to crack.  
The bad news is that teeth, while very hard, are not remarkably hard.  After a visit to the dentist with a sheared incisor and a split molar Matts is now scheduled for a root canal, crown and sealant.  
The really good news, that inspite of his broken teeth and bruised right metatarsals (a whole other story), Mattson got sprung from PT on Monday!
The awesomest news?  Since his split molar won't fall out for another 3 years and will need to withstand the wear and tear of childhood the crown he's getting is SILVER.