Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Lucia Day

So, my computer/camera is acting up so I'll have to post pics later, but I wanted to post quickly about the most unexpectedly wonderful day we just had. Today is Lucia Day, so I was up late last night making cinnamon rolls. It was worth it. I had "special time" with both boys, individually over hot cinnamon rolls. Gray woke up from his afternoon nap just as I was heating up a roll for lunch. I groaned as I walked up the stairs to get him, but we ended up having the sweetest time sharing our cinnamon roll and then getting the mail. He loved the treat and had to use his own fork the entire time. Then, we took a LONG time outside getting the mail. Nothing too exciting, but Gray was so cheerful and just happy to be with me. Later, after Gray was in bed, Matts begged for a snack before his bedtime. I know I should have just gotten him toast, but since we have about 3 dozen cinnamon rolls I heated one up and we sat down to share it. As we ate he told me all about his day and all the exciting things he planned on doing tomorrow.

Now, I will readily admit that neither of these experiences are "blog worthy", but I have so much guilt over giving my boys enough attention and love that I wanted to remember a day where I got to enjoy individual time with each of my boys and the glimpse I got into a future that will be, hopefully, filled with long talks and, of course, yummy treats.

Tis the season for nostalgia and goodies and I had my dose of both today.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Strike up the band

Today we went to the annual Christmas parade downtown. We got there super early and actually got seats on one of the monuments in the center of the street. The kids were both enthralled; the bands, Santa and lollipops and terrified; Quentin of being "eaten" by a shark and Matts by any lifesize character (?). It was a great, festive day.
Waiting for the parade
At first, Gray wasn't all that impressed.

But, then the bands came...

Matts also loved "Grandpa Don's" bands.

The Boys