Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Summer!

The land of pintrest has given way to some wonderful ideas. 
Some terrible and some overwhelming, but also, some completely wonderful. 
Our personal favorite: last day of school = water ambush. 

And don't forget...#4

And really don't forget...#5
The Gang

Complete Chaos
My Dream Home

Love, Love, Love these Creek Boys

Music Men

I always tell my boys that they "have music in your blood". I also tell them they HAVE to play piano until they can play any random hymn of my choice at the time of my choice PERFECTLY. Their teacher is a Saint as she patiently pushes past their comment of "I don't even want to be here. I don't even like piano. My Mom makes me do this". Acutally, she doesn't just push past, she applies it to the things they care about most. She's forwarded articles about the impact of music on sports development and continually reminds G that the stronger his fingers get by practicing piano, the stronger they will be for cradling in Lacrosse. She's even found apps and initiated some studio challenges to keep the boys fully engaged. 

She really is the sweetest lady and a wonderfully calming influence on our boys. 

G-Gotta love the satisfied smile that steals across his face as he performs even better than he practices.
*Chimichanga Cha-Cha*
Matts-Pure concentration and some nerves. This boy is so diligent and like to have things just so.


One day I will learn why the photos load sideways. 
Also, one day I will take photos during lifetime milestones

Here in Georgia, the kiddos go to middle school for 6-8th grades. So, today at the rip old age of 11, Mattson graduated from Elementary School. 

Little Brother with Twinning Blue Lips

Mrs. Parham-the perfect teacher to help Matts get ready for Middle School

Creek Boy Buddies
Mattson-It's been a pleasure watching your learn and grow. We are excited to see what you will become "incessed" with next.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

This Little Light of Mine

Little C had his preschool graduation on Thursday. We've decided to keep him home one for year, so luckily it's not the LAST preschool gradation EVER. But, it was pretty darn cute. I especially love living in the South and having our boys attend church preschools during these programs. There's so much love, and goodness and gospel rock that it's hard to come away without a smile.

He wanted to wear his "blizzard" for the special occasion. 

Couldn't keep a straight face for too long.

Blurry, but completely adorable.

Trying to stay quiet while feeling like a rock star (or a country star ?)


Matts had bball. So, G was supposed to be my date for the night. 

Luckily, this guy took an early flight home and was able to join. 

G was slightly fussed to miss his special time. But, Reed is a party so he quickly forgave him. 

C's best frenemy from church and school. They are both too strong and too much alike (note the outfits). It's a great thing 95% of the time. Except when it's not. 
Have I mentioned C is going through a naughty stage and constantly testing boundaries?

However, that smile can get him out of almost anything.
As we were driving to the program, Christian kept us entertained with comments such as "This is the best night of our lives" and "I was born to do this". As it often does with him, he mixed some sweetness in by telling us "I like all the songs but I really like This Little Light of Mine I sing it when I'm alone in the dark and it helps me not be so scared". 

Boys Will Be Boys

I have often been told that I'm lucky to have a house of boys because there is so much less drama. While that may be true, we certainly have our fair share.

Matts dressed as Fredrick Douglass for the Wax Museum. We kept things simple; white shirt, khakis, vest and cravatt (be still my Austenian heart). I wanted to gel his hair all crazy, but that would be torture (see below). Matts spent the morning bemoaning the fact that this was going to be the WORST hour of his life! Not because of stage fright, but rather because it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Don't worry-he brought a change of clothes to immediately change into. Unfortunately, he forgot his Nikes. Fortunately, Mrs. Parham texted Reed about his crisis. And fortunately, Reed was working from home and is much more sympathetic than I am. 

G at his Author's Tea. Happily, his subject matter was much improved from last year when he did a step by step description of how to booby trap a trip wire attached to a pistol-that was fun to explain to the counselor. He read sweet poems about Reed and I. 

Crazy hair day at school. We started with a master plan involving neon lights. But apparently, hair bands and hairspray are TORTURE!!! 
No drama here-just chaos. Jups likes to drop the boys at school 

Happy Birthday Cheeky Monkey!

May 8th, 2010, this ray of sunshine came into our lives to complete our families. It's been a wild and crazy 5 years as we've drug this little man to and fro-all with a smile.
As long as you find the FUN! he's up for any adventure.
As for his Birthday celebrations-his expressions tell it best.

Rice Krispy Paintbrushes for his class. Along with "The Day the Crayon's Quit" and "Red" for his mystery reader selections. I Love Themes.
Rainbow, Butterfly cupcakes...



And finish the night with macarons-PERFECT.
Christian-We love you so very much and waited so long for you to join our family. You are a dose of laughter and light and are always looking for FUN. Right now, you want to be a music guy, a music teacher and a dentist (obviously influenced by our fabulous ward friends). We're working on sports and learning as you laugh your way through life. You hate to disappoint us and love to make people laugh. 
I hope you always keep your smile, your humor and your sweet, sweet faith.   

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Whirlwind Weekend

While the main event of the weekend was Christian's Birthday, we certainly had plenty of other events to keep us busy. It was one of those weekend's that events just kept piling up on the calendar and even with Reed in town we were stretched to make it work. Completely exhausting, but such wonderful times watching the boys learn and grow.
We started the "weekend" off early with a trip to the Art Barn with G's class. I overcame my reservations about touching farm animals to show this little chickie to the kiddos. 

I'm glad I took the little guy.

His visit to a farm only instensified G's random obsessions with pigs. He wants a pig, he needs a pig, he's written and illustrated and entire book about "unipiggie". It's kind of strange.

Next, G was thrilled to have Little C and I helping at Field Day.

Unfortunately, we had a neither short, nor brief, intermission Friday night from midnight-5am when Christian was miserable with a double ear infection. 

We even resorted to a night time stroller walk around 3:30. Which, was only ironic because some of my good friends were running Cape Cod Ragnar at THE EXACT SAME TIME.

After a day of highs (winning bball) and lows (losing FB) Matts begged Reed to do Sudoku and the USA Today crossword puzzle with him to unwind. They were successful and so the day ended on a high note.

G got to participate in his first lacrosse tournament. They tore it up the first game, winning 14-3 (G scored 4 goals) and then went on to win their next two games handily, with G scoring a goal in each. He did learn an important lesson about resting and refueling as he partied it up Friday night and was definitely sluggish for his Saturday games.
G had to, once again, face the challenge of not playing on Sunday. Thus far, he's struggled with it (Mom-if we weren't Mormon, could I be playing my game right now?) but, it's been a minor issue as his coaches have been supportive and respectful. But, the stakes were a little higher this time and being undefeated going into Sunday, Gray definitely felt the pull to play. So, it was awesome to sit in Sacrament and hear the youth speakers announce their topic of "keeping the Sabbath Day holy" and proceed to give great talks that emphasized the ways our abilities will increase if we honor the Sabbath. Add to that an incredible musical number by 6 of the big, cool YM in our ward and G leaned over and whispered- "Mom, I think my prayer was just answered." 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Random Miscellaneous-April

Christian's Mother's Tea

Reed had the great pleasure of chaperoning the 5th grade field trip. After 6hrs on a bus, Reed has officially confirmed what "the most annoying sound in the world is"

Spring Break-aka Reed is Awesome

For Spring Break this year, we did a staycation which started out with a bang as I finally got my wisdom tooth (yes, singular) pulled. We the spent a relaxing week at home. Actually, I stayed home and organized our entire house, while Reed and the boys biked, basketballed, and lived it up in Atlanta. 

At the Braves Game with Colin

The big boys

Go Braves!

Reed did it. He actually tired our boys out. All it took was a week of partying and a baseball game with a rain delay that went until Midnight. 
My Dead

As a consolation to missing out on the "late" night festivities Reed gave Little C the Coke gift basket he received for speaking. C is a authentic Atlantan and LOVES Coke!

And to top it all off. They hit up the Hawks game. Monday AFTER Spring break.
Yep, Reed is pretty much "the patron saint of Awesomeness?