Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mattson!

Today Mattson turned 6. It really is crazy how time flies. Between a whirlwind trip to Fort Bragg where we got to hang out with Kyle, Hayley and Grandma Diane last weekend and an upcoming trip to the coast for spring break we had a low-key family celebration filled with all things army.

Completely pleased with his army cheesecake
Cake #1: Hayley's masterpeice
To our spirited, inquisitive, action loving boy;
We love you so much. You have brought so much life, joy and laughter into our home. We've learned that anything and everything can be an adventure. Anything and everything can be fascinating. Finally, that everything is guided by a kind and loving Heavenly Father who knows each and everyone of his children and provides them with all they need to learn, grow and be happy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gentry Anne Newell

My brother, Mattson, and his wife, Stacy, had their first little girl on Thursday. Unfortunately, Gentry was born w/a diaphragmatic hernia and had to be life-flighted to Primary Children's Medical center where she had surgery Saturday morning. The surgery went well, but the recovery can be the hard part as her organs adjust to being in the correct position. Obviously, any prayers would be very appreciated.
Gentry Anne Newell
Stacy and Gentry
( I know it's not up close, but who looks this good within 24 hours of delivery?)
Matts, Stacy and Gentry;
We love you and are praying continually for you.

Friday, March 12, 2010


After a month of trips, carpet cleanings, R going like crazy at work and church, finding Oakley another "happy home" and completing the great room switch (don't worry, pics and stories to come once we've put the office/desktop back together) I'm enjoy a much needed peaceful evening at home while R goes crazy w/his little buddies at Dave and Busters (which according to R's sales pitch to the boys is like a bigger, better Chuck E. Cheese).

The past few months I've been thinking a lot about peace. In anticipation of our littlest man's arrival the thought and feeling I keep coming back to is being at peace. I'm even at peace with being the crazy boy house.

That doesn't mean I haven't given up my vision of a beautiful, quiet home. In fact, over the past weeks we've had rotten weather so I've resorted to doing "Yoga Kids" (I know, I'm a dork) with the boys in an attempt to expend some energy and find some peace and quiet. At the end of each session they have the kiddos lay on their backs, and chant the word "PEACE" with each slow exhalation.

The other day I was thrilled to walk by the play room and hear the boys chanting "PEACE" in calm, melodious, unison. Just as I was congratulating myself for teaching my boys a life skill I heard the battle cry "ATTACK". Jolted out of my reverie I demanded to know WHAT was going on.

Apparently the new game of choice at our house is "Peace, peace, ATTACK". At least we're halfway there.