Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break

Even though Partridges have moved across the country, Miss Ariel still remains our trip planner extraordinaire. Nothing beats Spring Break in the gulf and this year we got to enjoy it for a full week!
Yelp wins again. Donut King in Eufaula was a total success.
It confirmed our thought that fantastic foo makes all the difference. 
Back at our happy place.
Ready for a wonderful week of complete relaxation.
Or at least a wonderful week filled with soccer and football and kayaking.

Diligently watching conference and using his time wisely.
Also, imagine a pic of Reed&Matts dressed up to go to Priesthood for his 1st time. THe ward had a cake and ice ream bar, so Matts is pretty convince that Priesthood is AWESOME! 
Not so diligently watching conference. 

Lots and lots of successful night time crab hunting. 
Reviewing the footage with Dustin. 

Getting ready for a little Go-Pro action.

Trying to get Jupiter in on a little Kayaking action.
He wasn't a fan. 

Pirates struck!

Any good beach vacation involves a little reading. 

Family sunset walk on the beach. 

About halfway through the week we figured out why the Big Boys were so willing to "help" on grocery runs into town. 

The End.


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