Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hadrian's Wall (for reals)

As we continued to wind our way through Northern England, Reed and I became increasingly concerned that we hadn't actually seen/climbed/conquered the actual Hadrian's wall.  It sounds ridiculous, but there are ALOT of decaying stone walls in the fields and it wasn't incredibly well marked.  I maintained it's all the in presentation and that the kiddos would never know the difference.  Reed maintained we could scar them for life and they would never trust us.  As we were congenially discussing it we saw what was, unmistakably, the highest point of Hadrian's Wall.  Only problem-it was freeeezing and rainy and about a mile hike  (uphill both ways).  After further discussion Reed and Matts hopped out to scale the mountain while the littles and I hung out in the heated car. Let's just say-for the record-Reed was right.  Matts LOVED it and was ecstatic over their excursion.  

I'll skip the witty captions and just leave you a very please Matts, a dedicated Dad and some brutal British countryside.  

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