Monday, January 21, 2013

Conwy Castle

After spending the night in Liverpool we headed into Wales.  It was stunningly beautiful, inspite of the nasty weather.  On our rainy, windy drive we passed towns that were completely flooded.  Turns out our entire trip happened to take place during record rainfall and flooding.  Let's just say it contributed to the experience.  

After driving through Snowdonia we arrived at Conwy Castle.  Set atop a cliff and accessible only via the drawbridge it was the perfect place for some Ching-Ching.  

Even Reed got in on the action (or possibly initiated the action :)

Wandering the courtyard.

Stairs and more stairs.

A Happy Knight.

Freeze (literally-it was so windy and on the battlements was frigid)

Crazy that this was only the second level.  The big boys and I braved the gusts and turrets to climb to the top.  Reed and Little C "enjoyed" the lower levels.

Wales, the Land of Dragons and Castles = SUCCESS!

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