Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Valentines...and Birthday!

Once a long, long, time ago our cat ate my ring.  That's right.  Luci, our lovely, cuddly, chunky kitty ate my wedding ring.  Reed very generously replaced my ring on my next birthday.  However, he replaced my lovely bands with a gorgeous solitaire.  After about 24hrs of debate I confessed that, actually, I just wanted a band.  The ring box was promptly snapped shut and the issue has remained...sensitive..for the past 9 years. 
On Valentine's Day 2013 it was all put to aright.  
In the middle of a perfect blue sky, on a timeless blue bridge, by a little blue box :).    
London Bridge...where I got THE ring.
*I know, I should show a picture of THE ring.  But, it's just a thin gold band.  As Bonnie puts it, it's 'nice'.
But, to me it's more than nice.  It's not flashy or shiny, but it's simple, it's meaningful and I will wear it and love it forever*
Just a few days later, Reed did a great job and got some friends together here in London for a surprise party after church and then we kept up the Newell tradition of having a birthday month and continued the celebrations in Barcelona a week later.  
Every year we find new, amazing places

But, we always make time for "Our" Restaurant.


Candilyn said...

Okay, totally take back the guilt trip - words are great- but pictures - priceless - and your "blogging makes the best of both worlds!" I was missing the updates:)

Love you tons,

Mike and Mackenzie Day said...

Love you guys so much and LOVED that restaurant, such a great little spot. Thanks for sharing it with us:) xoxo

Junaid Walayat said...

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