Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We made a last minute decision to join some friends on their day trip to Dover.  It was fantastic! They have 3kiddos that match up with ours, so the kids just played happily with each other throughout the day. Even though it was FREEZING we saw the castle, the caves and spent some quality time on the beach (brrrr)
Looking across the channel to France.

The Tunnels!

Plenty of room to explore.

Waiting to hear the penny drop.

Family Pic

The Maniacs.

In full Maniac mode.

A balloons+limitless rocks to throw=happiness.
Happiness for all ages.
Seriously, ALL ages.  Reed and Brian spent 30 minutes trying to hit the post with a rock. 

Some have shorter attention spans and move onto the next adventure.

A happy, happy family!

A Happy couple


So cute.

Proud to be MORMON!
The LDS church has had a HUGE publicity push in London.  There are signs everywhere, buses, billboard and a media blast at Charing Cross Station.  The kiddos loved seeing the entire station covered with their church.  

It was a very good day!

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